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Objectives and emphases of the Fjörheimar Youth Council

Fjörheimar's social center work is based on the ideology of youth democracy, which includes their influence on the work. The Fjörheimar Youth Council is elected at the beginning of each school year and works all winter. The council consists of three to four representatives from each school in Reykjanesbær. Special introductory meetings are held at the beginning of each school year and a selection is made from those who attend them


The main goal of the Fjörheimar youth council is to gather and organize events on behalf of the Fjörheimar community center. The Fjörheimar Youth Council is also involved in the organization of club activities.

The Fjörheimar Youth Council gives members the opportunity to get to know young people from other primary schools in Reykjanesbær. This is also a good opportunity for increased social and communication skills. The council is working to improve the work in the community center and organize events in their field of interest. The goal is to get young people to take on as much responsibility and initiative as possible. Staff are always available to them as mentors or assistants. Members also get free admission to all special Fjörheimar events.

The main emphases in the work of the Youth Council of the Far Worlds are entertainment value, democracy, prevention and increased self-confidence. Emphasis is placed on young people enjoying being on the Fjörheimar youth council. Prevention of smoking, drugs or bullying is a big part of the job, but at the same time emphasis is placed on strengthening the positive self-image of adolescents and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Members are expected to be role models and therefore do not consume tobacco or drugs, attend 4 events at Fjörheimar each month and all meetings of the Youth Council. The members of the Youth Council are Fjörheimar's contacts in each school, so they should get to know the job and be able to answer questions from their classmates about the job and the upcoming events.

Supervisors of the Youth Council for the school year 2021-2022:



Members of the Youth Council in the school year 2021-2022  


Vice Chairman: 


Marketing Manager:

Newcomer to the board:  

Representatives of Njarðvíkurskóli: 

10th grade

Kristjana Hilmarsdóttir

9th grade

Yasmin Petra Younesd. Boumhidi

Eva Lind Magnúsdóttir

8th grade

Katrín Margrét Matthíasdóttir

Representatives of Heiðarskóli:

10th grade

Eva María Júlíusdóttir

8th grade

Halldóra Mjöll Ingiþórsdóttir

Representatives of Akurskóli: 

10th grade 

Margrét Norðfjörð Karlsdóttir

María Rán Ágústsdóttir

Helga Lilja Bess Magnúsdóttir

Hermann Borgar Jakobsson

8th grade

Mikael Máni Hjaltason

Representatives of Myllubakkaskóli:

10th grade

Silja Kolbrún Skúladóttir

Sólveig Hjörleifsdóttir

Jórunn Björnsdóttir

9th grade

Zuzanna Anna Wojdat

8th grade

Bryndís Björk Guðjónsdóttir

Júlía Mist Guðjónsdóttir

Representatives of Háaleitisskóli: 

No application from Háaleitisskóli:

Representatives of Holtaskóli:

9th grade 

Stella María Reynisdóttir

Eva Kristín Karlsdóttir

8th grade

Anna María Hermannsdóttir

Representatives of Stapaskóli:

10th grade 

Matthildur Emma Sigurðardóttir

8th grade

Ingibjörg Svava Tyrfingsdóttir


Minutes of the council meeting in the school year 2020-2021


Unglingaráð Fjörheima

Meðlimir Unglingaráðs Fjörheima skólaárið 2023-2024

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