Group building

Collaboration Confidence Communication

Courses specially designed for all age groups

12-16 year olds working together towards a common goal.

The aim of the course is to strengthen the group, strengthen the team and resolve disputes through communication.


The result is a stronger team that knows each other's strengths better



Life is easier when people make the decision to work together and be good teammates


Having good self-confidence is one of the key to success.

healthy communication

Disagreements can cause problems within a team. Avoid disagreements and respect others.

Team as a whole

A good team can climb mountains. Being part of a strong team is a privilege that every team should strive for.

Our goal

We have been working with children and teenagers in group work for a total of 7 years now. We put all that knowledge together in this course and the course is about teaching people to be good team members and how to work together in a team.

How do we do that?

We put things in a clearer context so that it is easier to understand what exactly it means to be a better team member and what steps everyone can take to achieve that goal.


Thelma Hrund Hermannsdóttir

Has served on the board of NFS

practiced gymnastics for 13 years and was on the youth national team in Olympic weightlifting. has worked with children for 4 years

​Ólafur Bergur Ólafsson

Was in basketball and football for 13 years. Served on the board of NFS. Has worked with children for 2 years and today works as a consultant for Dale Carnegie

After the course, we will develop a stronger team that knows each other's strengths better. A team that uses healthy communication to succeed together as a team

Healthy communication 


- 2-3 times with a coach

- 1 exchange with parents

- 2-3 times with the team players

- detailed needs analysis for coaches and relatives after the course

- Experience and experience of new methods and perspectives

- Poster with the team's goals

Follow-up 2 months after the course

- costs nothing

What is healthy communication?

Healthy communication is when both parties use communication as a way to express their experience of things without falling into the pit of blaming others or hurting the other party.

How does this work?

Healthy communication is a very simple way to describe how one feels without the other person feeling blamed or belittled. The technology works in such a way that you always talk about your own experience and make sure that the other party can express their opinion at the same time, so you gain a new perspective and understand things better.

Where can I take advantage of this?

Wherever you need to express your opinion or experience and want to avoid disagreements or resolve disputes. We have been using this technology in many places (for example, in conversations with parents about their children) and we have seen that this technology helps us to express what we want to say without hurting the feelings of others.


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