prevention policy

In the work of the Fjörheima Social Center, emphasis is placed on working with adolescents aged 9-16, based on the cornerstones of democracy. The key words are: interest, activity, participation and responsibility.



• The social center should focus on enhancing social and emotional development.

• Teens in Fjörheim are given the opportunity to perform instead of being merely an audience.

• In Fjörheimar we are open to the influence of youth culture, so most people should find something suitable in the work of the social center.

• In particular, efforts should be made to reach adolescents who do not enjoy themselves in another youth work. Everyone is given the same opportunity regardless of learning ability and home circumstances.

• The Social Center conducts targeted educational, prevention and search activities and uses a variety of methods to increase the likelihood of success in that area.

• The staff of the community center should build a positive image of the youth.



• Fjörheimar are in collaboration with various parties, such as teenagers in Reykjanesbær, family and social services, education office, school, parents, police, organizations and organizations working on youth issues.

• All alcohol and other intoxicants are prohibited in Fjörheimar and on the social center plot.

• All tobacco use is prohibited in Fjörheim and on the social center plot.

• Employees set clear boundaries of negative behavior and set a positive role in the game and practice.

• The Animation website contains content related to prevention and education.

• Regular educational nights are held in connection with prevention in Fjörheim.

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