How to book Fjörheimar for your kids birthday?

If you would like to book Fjörheimar for your kids birthday, simply visit our booking window below and book the room!

when you find a date that is free then book that date and transfer 7000kr to the bank account of Reykjanesbær and put "Fjörheimar Afmæli" as a reference.


Then when you get the keys in Fjörheimar, Hafnargata 88 between 08:00-16:00 on the day your birthday is booked you will show us the receipt for the transfer and you will receive the keys for the hall. 

When you find an available date you will get a confirmation email with all the information and rules for the birthday rental, please follow all the instructions in said email

  • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

    Duration Varies

    7,000 Icelandic krónur

Phone: 421-8890/ 891-9101 | Email:

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