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Salaleiga í Fjörheimum

  • Bókaðu Fjörheima fyrir barnaafmæli, (hugsað fyrir börn yngri en 10 ár...

    15,000 Icelandic krónur

Terms and Conditions
for Birthdays in Fjörheimar

How to book Fjörheimar for your kids birthday?

If you would like to book Fjörheimar for your kids birthday, simply visit our booking window and book the room!

The price of rental is 15.000 kr which is transferred to the account of Reykjanesbær. The birthday rental time is from 16:00-18:00. 

You will receive keys in Fjörheimar, Hafnargata 88 between 13:00-15:30 on the same day your birthday is booked. You can show us the receipt for the transfer and you will receive the keys for the facility. 

Information about payment:

Amount: 15.000 kr

Account number: 0121-26-000001

Kennitala: 470794-2169
Please put "v/Fjörheima" as reference (skýring) and send email receipt to

Please leave the facilities in the same condition as you received it. Open houses start at 18:30 for the youth so the facilities need to be empty at 18:15 the latest.

When you find an available date you will get a confirmation email with all the information and rules for the birthday rental, please follow all the instructions in said email

All cancellations and refunds need to be sent to along with a copy of the payment receipt at least 48 hours before the booked time. 

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