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Clubs at Fjörheimar for grades 8-10

The community center in Fjörheim offers one of the most active community center activities in Iceland and is open every weekday for all elementary school students in Reykjanesbær aged 10-15. The openings are divided by age between middle school and junior high and there are 3 openings for junior high and 2 for middle school every week.

The schedule is published monthly on the last Wednesday of the month for the following month and all openings are advertised on Fjörheim's social media, it can also be found here. You can download it as a pdf and print it out. 

​Félagsmístóðin also maintains a strong club activity that changes between school years and is always very popular. Popular clubs that have developed into their own independent work include Reykjanes Art Studio and Sk8roots Skateboard Club. 

The community center is in good cooperation with all primary schools in Reykjanesbær and is constantly developing its work in accordance with the needs of each school individually, and among them is the development project "Brúin", which is a joint project between Háaleitisskóli and Fjörheimi and maintains organized leisure activities in Háaleitisskóli in Ásbrú._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

What do we do at the community center?

At the community center, we are always working with each individual's strengths, and this is how we manage to strengthen social ties between young people in Reykjanesbær. This work can have a long-lasting positive impact on many young people, and often they don't realize it until years later. 

We put a lot of effort into making the job as enjoyable as possible. In this way, we manage to form a  strong relationship between our staff and the young people who attend the job. This relationship allows us to work with them and help them with anything.  


All of Fjörheim's staff have experience working with children and young people, as well as regularly attending first aid courses. We put a lot of effort into having a very diverse group of employees to be able to offer as diverse a job as possible at any given time. 

​ the program of the community center offers all kinds of entertainment and the program is extremely varied and everyone should find something suitable

The Youth Council and Youth Democracy


Fjörheim's community center work is based on the ideology of youth democracy, which includes their influence on the work. Fjörheim's Youth Council is elected at the beginning of each school year and operates throughout the winter. The council consists of three to four representatives from each school in Reykjanesbær. Special introductory meetings are held at the beginning of each school year and a selection is made from those who attend


The main goal of the Fjörheima youth council is to get together and organize events organized by the Fjörheima community center. Fjörheim's Youth Council also deals with the organization of club activities.

The Fjörheim Youth Council gives members the opportunity to meet teenagers from other elementary schools in Reykjanesbær. This is also a good opportunity for increased social and communication skills. The council works to improve the work in the community center and organize events in their field of interest. The goal is to get the young people to take as much responsibility as possible and take the initiative. Employees are always available to them as instructors or assistants. Members also get free admission to all Fjörheim's special events.

The main focuses of the youth council's work are entertainment value, democracy, prevention and increased self-confidence. Emphasis is placed on the fact that young people enjoy being in Fjörheim's youth council. Prevention in terms of smoking, drugs or bullying is a large part of the work, but at the same time, emphasis is placed on strengthening the positive self-image of the young people and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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