Everyone is welcome

Everyone is welcome to open houses at Fjörheimar and the staff are very used to working with children with diagnoses and special needs. You do not have to let us know in advance, but if you want to do so, you can send us a message on Facebook or at fjorheimar@reykjanesbaer.is

Art club

Every Tuesday there is an Art Club run by Omar Ricardo Rondon, the art club is located in Fjörheimar down in the basement and a lot of emphasis is placed on teaching them the basics of drawing and freedom to create art that they find fascinating.

Every other Tuesday, the sk8roots skateboard club comes with a board and equipment for practicing skateboarding and the kids are taught the basics of skateboarding. Great emphasis is placed on the use of helmets and the importance of respecting each other and the environment.

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Members of the Fjörheimar Youth Council attend, organize and assist Fjörheimar's employees with events and general work for grades 5-7.

Every Tuesday, they hold fun events such as a health race, FIFA Tournament, Just dance and Tik Tok. Sometimes we hold big events like Halloween party and Balls for grades 5-7.





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Everyone gets an equal opportunity to grow and prosper in play and work


That children get to decide how the work is done and what is on the agenda


That the job is a mixture of prevention and play


That it is always fun and everyone enjoys themselves in open houses


That children get to know other children and strengthen social skills


That children get to know other cultures and their ways

Fréttir frá 5-7 bekk