5th - 7th grade in Fjörheimar


There is a scheduled program for 5th - 7th grade in Fjörheimar once a week,

on Tuesdays from 10am. 19:00 - 20:30.


The program is varied, with the aim being to reach as many young people in a certain age group.


Members of the Fjörheimar´s Youth Council attend, organize and assist the employees of Fjörheimar with events and the general program for 5th to 7th grade


in Fjörheimar we try not to say "no it is not possible" and if the young people come up with an idea for an event we always try to meet them and make the program as fun as possible!

Phone: 421-8890/ 891-9101 | Email: fjorheimar@reykjanesbaer.is

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